What is the life expectancy of a vinyl fence?

Vinyl components are developed to last a lifetime. All of MVP’s
extruded components are guaranteed by a fully transferable lifetime
warranty. Our warranty does not prorate our products with time either.
For more information about our warranty, please contact us.

What is the cost difference between vinyl and wood?

The upfront cost for vinyl is slightly higher than wood. The
long-term cost for vinyl is significantly lower over the life of the
fence. Vinyl’s long-term; maintenance free durability will save you
money in just a few short years.

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Should vinyl posts be cemented in?

Absolutely, we recommend that you cement your post for maximum
stability. While cement has debilitating effects on wood it will not
harm your vinyl fence posts. Remember to dig your post holes to twice
the diameter of your fencepost. Then fill your hole with cement to
with-in 2″ from the top of the hole.

What maintenance is suggested for vinyl fences?

It is recommended that you clean your vinyl fence on a yearly basis
with a mild detergent and water. This will keep your fence looking new
through out its lifetime.

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Does Vinyl fencing yellow with time?

Vinyl components are made with a high content of titanium dioxide and
ultraviolet inhibitors. These inhibitors keep the vinyl from yellowing
and that is why we back our products with a lifetime warranty against

Will Vinyl fencing break?

Impact inhibitors are used in the development of vinyl components to
increase their durability and strength. Properly installed vinyl fencing
will withstand normal wear and tear without breaking. However, higher
impacts such as being hit by a moving vehicle will probably lead to
damage. Replacing damaged fence parts is easy with replacement vinyl

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How does cold weather affect vinyl fencing?

Plastic Materials are known to become more rigid in cold
temperatures. The impact inhibitors that are used in vinyl help our
fencing withstand cold temperatures.

Does vinyl fencing contract and expand?

Vinyl fencing contracts and expands with the temperature. For this
reason it is important to factor that in when building a fence.
Contraction and expansion are factored in during fabrication.

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Will vinyl fencing chip, peel, and/or decay?

Our products are developed to withstand against chipping, peeling, and/or decay during the life of our products.

Can lawn maintenance equipment hurt vinyl fencing?

Weed eaters, lawnmowers, edgers, brushhogs, and such can damage your
vinyl fence on contact. Please use caution when using such equipment
around vinyl fencing.

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Will paint harm vinyl fencing?

Using any ordinary detergent and water can easily remove paint from a
vinyl fence. If the paint does not come off you may need to use a
pressure washer or in extreme cases you made need to use 400 grit
sandpaper. If you are unsure what to do please contact the manufacturer
or your local dealer first.

Can mold or mildew develop on a vinyl fence?

Yes, especially in climates of damp weather, but it is easily cleaned with ordinary detergent and water.

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Are vinyl fence designs limited?

With vinyl fencing the possibilities are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can probably create it.

Do vinyl fences come with gates?

Yes. Gates can be made from the same vinyl as your fence to give it the same appearance.

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How high can a vinyl fence be?

A vinyl fence can be made as tall as you want. But before you make
all of your neighbors mad check your local ordinances, building codes,
or covenants.

Can you use vinyl for railings and such?

Yes vinyl railings for porches or balconies are rigid enough to be
effective and safe. We caution you to have them properly installed
because as with anything else if it is not done correctly there maybe
dangerous side-effects.

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